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Custom Suppression, Inc.

1100 South Plumer Ave.
AZ 85719, USA

  Custom Suppression Inc. (CSI) is a leading global manufacturer for EMI- and RFI-Filters for military, medical and telecom applications for more than 25 years. Acquired by ETI Industries and implemented into Arizona Capacitors LCC, CSI manufactures a whole range of standard filter products. CSI also has many years of engineering experience to produce any custom requirement. Due to total vertical integration, from R&D, raw material and production, CSI is capable to ensure fast support for custom solutions and production of low volume demands. Many types of filters and connectors are manufactured as per different MIL standard specifications.

Custom Suppression supplies: RF Filters, Feed-Through Filters and Capacitors, EMI Filters, Suppression Filters, Broadband Filters, L-/PI-/T-/TT-Section-Filters