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Ecliptek Corporation

5458 Louie Lane
Reno, NV 89511

  Founded in 1987, ECLIPTEK CORPORATION is a recognized manufacturer and supplier in the frequency control market. State-of-the-art products and leading edge technology enables them to provide high-quality crystals and oscillators.   ... read on

Service is a cornerstone of ECLIPTEK's success. Customers are considered as partners and they strive to meet and exceed their requirements for quality, customer service, and value. This coupled with professional technical support and a comprehensive company-wide quality program makes ECLIPTEK one of the best resource for frequency control products.

Ecliptek supplies: Crystals, Crystal Oscillators (XO, SPXO, TCXO, TCVCXO, MEMS), Programmable Oscillators

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E1S, E1U, E1WC, E1WS, E3WS, E4WS, E8WS, EA1620, EA2025, EA2532, EA2540, EA3250, EA3560, EA5070, EU, EU-L

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E13C5, E13C7, E15C5, E15C7, EB13K2, EB13K4, EB13K5, EB13K7, EB15K2, EB15K4, EB15K5, EB15K7, EB16K2, EB16K4, EB17E2, EB18E2, EC26, EC27, EC29, EC36, EC37, EC39, EH14, EH15, EH25, EH35, EH46, EH47, EH49, EH56, EH57, EH59, EHF11, EHF13, EHH11, EHH13, EL13C5, EL13C7, EL15C5, EL15C7, EMK11, EMK12, EMK13, EMK21, EMK22, EMK23, EMK31, EMK32, EMK33, EMK41, EMK42, EMK43, EMML11, EMML12, EMML13, EMML21, EMML22, EMML23, EMRA11, EMRA12, EMRA13, EMRA14, EMRA15, EMRA21, EMRA22, EMRA23, EMRA24, EMRA25, EMRA31, EMRA32, EMRA33, EMRA34, EMRA35, EMRA41, EMRA42, EMRA43, EMRA44, EMRA45, EMRA51, EMRA52, EMRA53, EMRA54, EMRA55, EMRB61, EMRB62, EMRB63, EMRB64, EMRB65, EMRB81, EMRB82, EMRB83, EMRB84, EMRB85, EMRC12, EMRC13, EMRC22, EMRC23, EMRE12, EMRE13, EMRE22, EMRE23, EMS11, EMS12, EMS13, EMS21, EMS22, EMS23, EMS41, EMS42, EMS43, EMSL12, EMSL13, EMSL22, EMSL23, EMTB81, EMTB82, EMTB83, EMTB84, EMTB85, EN13C5, EN13C7, EN15C5, EN15C7, EP13E7, EP14, EP15, EP15E7, EP16E7, EP25, EP26, EP35, EP36, EPF11, EPF13, EPH11, EPH13, EPSA12, EPSA1

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