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Somerset TA18 7HE, UK

  EUROQUARTZ Ltd., based in Crewkerne, Somerset UK, is able to look back on more than 60 years of history. Over the past 25 years, targeted purchases and a consistent policy of expansion have turned the company into what it is today.   ... read on

The broad product range makes EUROQUARTZ a genuine "one-stop shop" - from simple quartz crystals for microprocessor applications through to OCXOs and MIL crystal oscillators - meaning that EUROQUARTZ can offer all technologies from a single source.

Euroquartz supplies: Crystals, Resonators, Filters, Crystal Oscillators (XO, VCXO, TCXO, VC-TCXO, VCO, OCXO), MEMS Oscillators, Programmable Oscillators, Frequency Modules

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2X6SMD, 2X6WATCH, 3X8WATCH, 3X9AT, 49SMD, 49USMX, 49USMXL, 49USMXL25, 74USMX, 86SMX EOL, 90SMX-N, 92SMX, 95SMX-G, AG, CX11LHG, CX11SM, CX11SMAT, CX18SM, CX1HGSM, CX1HSM, CX1HT, CX1VHT, CX1VSM, CX2SM, CX2VSM, CX3HGSM, CX3SM, CX3SMAT, CX3VSM, CX4, CX4HT, CX4VHT, CX4VSM, CX9HT, CX9SM, CX9VHT, CX9VSM, EQ156, EQ161, EQ162, EQ212, FC, HC35, HC48, HC49, HC49-4H, HC49-4HL, HC49/3W, HC51, MF, MF2, MJ, MJ2, MP24, MP25, MP4, MP5, MQ, MQ2, MS2, SWCX1, UM-1, UM-1SMD, UM-5, UM-5SMD, X11, X21, X21-W, X22, X32, X32-W, X4115, X42, X42-W

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18EQHJ32, 18EQHJ53, 18EQHJ57, 18EQHM32, 18EQHM53, 18EQHM572, 25EQHJ32, 25EQHJ53, 25EQHJ57, 25GDQF536, 25GDQF576, 25GDQN536, 25GDQN576, 25GPQF536, 25GPQF576, 25GPQN536, 25GPQN576, 25GTQF536, 25GTQF576, 25GTQN536, 25GTQN576, 25HCK5361, 25HCK5761, 25HDK3261, 25HDK5361, 25HDQF536, 25HDQF576, 25HPK5361, 25HPK5761, 25HPQF536, 25HPQF576, 25HTQF536, 25HTQF576, 28HSR14, 28HSR42, 28HSR53, 28HSR57, 28HSR8, 3EQHJ32, 3EQHJ53, 3EQHJ57, 3EQHM14, 3EQHM42, 3EQHM53R, 3EQHM57, 3GDQF536, 3GDQF576, 3GDQN536, 3GDQN576, 3GPQF536, 3GPQF576, 3GPQN536, 3GPQN576, 3GTQF536, 3GTQF576, 3GTQN536, 3GTQN576, 3HCK5361, 3HCK5761, 3HDK3261, 3HDK5361, 3HDQF536, 3HDQF576, 3HPK5361, 3HPK5761, 3HPQF536, 3HPQF576, 3HS14, 3HSR14, 3HSR42, 3HSR53, 3HSR57, 3HSR8, 3HTQF536, 3HTQF576, 3LPO14, 3LPO8, 5HS14, 5HSR14, 5HSR42, 5HSR53, 5HSR57, 5HSR8, 5LPO14, 5LPO8, CXOXULP, EM14GS, EM14GT, EM15GS, EM15GT, EM15GT kHz Range, EM21S, EM22S, EM32S, EM32T, EM38K, EM39GS, EM39GT, EM39GT kHz Range, EM42GS, EM42GT, EM42GT kHz Range, EM43S, EM44K, EM53S, EM53T, EM572T, E

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