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5570 Enterprise Parkway
Fort Myers
FL 33905, USA

  Fox Electronics was founded in 1979 as a small, family owned supplier of quartz crystals and oscillators. Since then, the company has evolved to become America's leading supplier of highly precise, highly reliable frequency control products to the worldwide electronics markets.   ... read on

Fox Electronics invented the worlds' famous XpressO oscillator technology. In April 2012 Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) acquired Fox Electronics.

FOX supplies: Crystals, Filters, Crystal Oscillators (XO, VCXO, TCXO, VC-TCXO, OCXO, XpressO-series), Automotive Components qualified to TS16949 and AEC-Q200

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C1BA, C2BA, C3BA, C3BS, C4SD, C4ST, C5AQ, C5BA, C5BQ, C5BS, C7AQ, C7BA, C7BQ, C7BS, C9SD, FC, FE, FMB, FQ1045A, FQ3225B, FQ6035A, FQ6035B, FQA, FSXLF, FX122, FX145, FX1612B, FX216B, FX252BS, FX255, FX425B, FX532AG, FX532CG, HC49SSLF, HC49ULF, HC80U, K13A, K13L, K161, KFSR, NC15LF, NC26LF, NC26SM-SLF, NC26SMLF, NC38LF

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F110, F130, F140, F200, F210, F230, F230TS, F240, F240TS, F300, F310, F32K, F330, F330A, F337/F339, F340, F4100TS, F4101, F4200, F4600, F4600U, F4620, F4700, F4710, F510L, F530L, F530LA, F530SL, F537/F539, F540L, F547/F549, F550L, F610, F630, F640, F730SL, F740SL, FA4100, FA4400, FA4500, FA510, FA530, FA540, FK215, FK235, FK245, FK315, FK335, FK345, FOX251, FOX312BE, FOX321, FOX331, FOX351, FOX551, FOX751, FOX801AELF, FOX801AHLF, FOX801ALF, FOX801BELF, FOX801BHCLF, FOX801BHLF, FOX801BLF, FOX914, FOX914E, FOX922, FOX922GP, FOX923, FOX923CH, FOX924, FSS52, FSS53, FSS72, FSS73, FTM301AH, FTP300H, FVM25AXT, FVS25AXT, O7HS, VCSAXT

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