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P.O. Box 18802
FL 33762, USA

  Inductive Technologies (I-Tech) was formed in 1998 by an acquisition of the design and manufacturing operations of the Magnetics Division from C&K Components, Inc. of Watertown, MA, USA. I-Tech was a sister company of Toroid Corporation of Maryland, established in 1982, which pioneered the introduction of toroidal power transformers in the U.S. I-Tech or Inductive Technologies, Inc. was more recently acquired by Electro Technik Industries, Inc. (ETI) in 2010 and is currently operated as a division of Hytronics Corp., one of ETI's subsidiaries and another company with extensive experience in the magnetics field. Both facilities of I-Tech in Clearwater, FL, USA and Costa Rica are ISO 9001 registered. Prototypes can be made instantly at the Florida facility and series amounts have a quick production turnaround from Costa Rica. I-Tech offers an extensive line of standard and application specific RF transformers, RF inductors, common mode chokes, and coils. This enables I-Tech to serve a number of major markets that use magnetics and/or transformers, including switching power supply, electronics, computer, industrial, and telecommunications.

I-Tech supplies: Variable/Tunable Inductors, Drum Core Power Inductors, Surface Mount Power Inductors, Buck/Boost Inductors, Differential Mode Inductors, Toroid & Pot Core Inductors, Power Chokes, Common Mode Chokes, Slug/Hash/Rod cores, Surface mount Transformers, Flyback Transformers, Air Coils, Solenoid Windings, Power Transformers