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IQD Frequency Products Ltd.

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TA18 8AR, UK

  Since 1973, IQD has established a leading position in the European market as a specialist manufacturer and supplier of quartz based frequency control components. IQD´s own facilities are supplemented by a small number of quality managed partner factories with specific technology strengths.   ... read on

This allows to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges available, from low cost commercial grade product to that used in high reliability military and professional grade applications. IQD's components are specified by leading manufacturers in the aerospace, communications, computing, consumer and medical industries. IQD is certified to ISO 9001.

IQD supplies: Crystals, Crystal Oscillators (XO, VCXO, TCXO, VC-TCXO, OCXO), Programmable Oscillators

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12SMX-A, 12SMX-A AUTO, 12SMX-B, 12SMX-B AUTO, 6SMX, 85SMX, 87SMX, 88SMX, CFPX-104, CFPX-155, CFPX-180, CFPX-201, CFPX-217, CFPX-218, CFPX-218-AUTO, CFPX-225, CFPX-228-A, CFPX-228-B, CFPX-56, CFPX-98, CX1-AT, CX1-EXT, CX11-AT, CX11L-AT, CX11V-TF, CX16-AT, CX18-AT, CX1H-TF, CX1HG-AT, CX1HT-AT, CX1HT-EXT, CX1V-TF, CX3-AT, CX3-EXT, CX3HG, CX3V-TF, CX4-AT, CX4-EXT, CX4HG, CX4HT-AT, CX4V-TF, CX4VHT-TF, CX9-AT, CX9HT-AT, CX9V-TF, CX9VHT-TF, CYL (3x10), CYL (3x9), HC49, HC49-3L, HC49/2.5HSMX, HC49/3.5HSMX, HC49/3H, HC49/3HSMX, HC49/4H, HC49/4H AUTO, HC49/4H-3L, HC49/4HSMX, HC49/4HSMX Auto, IQXC-104-A AUTO, IQXC-104-B AUTO, IQXC-136, IQXC-137, IQXC-138, IQXC-180 AUTO, IQXC-228 AUTO, IQXC-228-B AUTO, IQXC-25, IQXC-26, IQXC-32, IQXC-42, IQXC-42 AUTO, IQXC-44, IQXC-90, UM1, UM1-SMD, WATCH 2x6, WATCH 3x8

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CFPP-12, CFPP-131, CFPP-149, CFPP-23, CFPP-303, CFPP-307, CFPP-39, CFPP-40, CFPP-41, CFPP-53, CFPP-54, CFPP-56, CFPP-57, CFPP-72, CFPP-73, CFPP-9, CFPS-102, CFPS-103, CFPS-104, CFPS-107, CFPS-108, CFPS-109, CFPS-112, CFPS-113, CFPS-114, CFPS-115, CFPS-12, CFPS-31, CFPS-31 AUTO, CFPS-32, CFPS-32 AUTO, CFPS-36, CFPS-37, CFPS-39, CFPS-40, CFPS-40 AUTO, CFPS-41, CFPS-41 AUTO, CFPS-53 AUTO, CFPS-54 AUTO, CFPS-55, CFPS-56 AUTO, CFPS-63, CFPS-64, CFPS-67, CFPS-68, CFPS-69, CFPS-72, CFPS-73, CFPS-73 AUTO, CFPS-74, CFPS-9, CFPT-123, CFPT-125, CFPT-126, CFPT-127, CFPT-37, CFPT-9001, CFPT-9003, CFPT-9005, CFPT-9006, CFPT-9007, CFPT-9008, CFPT-9301, CFPT-9302, CFPV-55, CFPV-59, CFSS-2, CFSS-3, CXO3M W, CXOL 5.0V, CXOLAT 1.8V, CXOLAT 2.5V, CXOLAT 3.0V, CXOLAT 3.3V, CXOLP 1.8V, CXOLP 2.5V, CXOLP 3.0V, CXOLP 3.3V, CXOMK 1.8V, CXOMK 2.5V, CXOMK 3.0V, CXOMK 3.3V, CXOMK 5.0V, CXOMKHT 3.3V, CXOMKHT 5.0V, CXOMKHTS 5.0V, CXOQ 1.8V, CXOQ 2.5V, CXOQ 3.0V, CXOQ 3.3V, CXOX 3.3V, CXOX 5.0V, CXOXHG 1.8V, CXOXHG 2.5V, CXOXHG 3.0V, CXOXH

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