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Itelcond SRL

Via C. Darwin, 19
20019 Settimo Milanese (MI)

  Itelcond manufactures aluminium electrolytic capacitors and was founded in 1976 by former Sprague personnel. Itelcond is located in Milan, Italy. Both snap-in and screw terminal electrolytic capacitors are manufactured and Itelcond enjoys the benefit of being close to some of its main material suppliers. As such, supply chain issues are minimised resulting in procurement flexibility. When combined with the addition of a lean-production system Itelcond is able to offer supreme reaction/response times and lead-times of just a few weeks for samples which offers a huge advantage to customers. Itelcond is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Target markets include drives, inverters, wind, solar, medical, ups, e-mobility or any application that requires a quality, long life, product. Itelcond is respected in the wider marketplace for its long term commitment to customers worldwide.

Itelcond supplies: Aluminium electrolytic capacitors in snap-in and screw terminal styles in both 85°C and 105°C to 500V with the snap-in range size starting at 30mm diameter upwards.