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Itelcond SRL

Via De Gasperi 30/36
20100 Bareggio (MI)

  Itelcond SRL was founded 1976, located in Bareggio close to Milano. The whole product range is produced at this site on 3000m² by around 50 employees. The product portfolio includes electrolytic capacitors as screw mount, snap-in and solder mount up to 550VDC and foil capacitors as screw mount with up to 630VDC and 1500VDC. Since 1989 the products are exported to worldwide destinations, local main markets are Italy and Germany. Customers are coming from all kinds of industries such as welding, railway, solar, power supply, UPS, medical and traction control. Itelcond is able to offer small to big production amounts, custom versions and also samples from one piece. Due to implementing a lean-production system in 2011 Itelcond is able to offer supreme reaction/response times and lead-times of just a few weeks for samples, small to big series amounts which offers a huge advantage to the customers. Itelcond is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

Itelcond supplies: Electrolytic capacitors, screw mount, snap-in and solder-in, temperatures 85°C and 105°C, low ESR and high ripple versions, up to 20.000 hours and up to 550VDC. Foil capacitors as screw mount, temperature 85°C up to 1500VDC, 630VAC and 2KV peak. Small series amounts and custom versions welcome. Short response and turnaround time from first request to delivery.