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Mercury Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd.

31 Tin-Ping Road
Shui Fong Industrial Park
Shui Fong, Taipei Sian
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  MERCURY ELECTRONICS has manufactured frequency control products since 1973 and is proud to be the pioneer of crystal industry in Taiwan. With headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan, and facilities in California, USA and Shanghai, China, Mercury products offering include surface mount and thru-hole quartz crystals, clock oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, VCTCXOs, OCXO and low EMI spread spectrum clock oscillators.   ... read on

MERCURY is ISO 9001 certified.

Mercury supplies: Crystals, Filters, Crystal Oscillators (XO, VCXO, TCXO, VC-TCXO, OCXO)

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H49, H49MJ, HUS, HUSL, M49, MF, MJ, MJ2, ML49, MP4, MP5, MQ, SSG, T15, T26, T38, U1, U1MJ, U5, U5MJ, X21, X22, X32, X3215, X4115, X42

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12H22, 12H32, 12H53, 12SWO, 18G324, 18G326, 18G536, 18H14, 18H22, 18H32, 18H53, 18H8, 18HA32, 18HA53, 18HA57, 18HB32, 18HB53, 18HB57, 18HR32, 18HR53, 18HR57, 18SWO, 1H22, 1H32, 1H53, 1SWO, 25G324, 25G326, 25G536, 25GDQF536, 25GDQF576, 25GPQF536, 25GPQF576, 25GTQF536, 25GTQF576, 25H14, 25H22, 25H32, 25H53, 25H8, 25HA32, 25HA53, 25HA57, 25HB32, 25HB53, 25HB57, 25HCK3261, 25HCK5361, 25HCK5761, 25HDF5761, 25HDK3261, 25HDK5361, 25HDK5761, 25HDW5761, 25HPF576, 25HPK3261, 25HPK5361, 25HPK5761, 25HPW576, 25HR32, 25HR53, 25HR57, 25SWO, 28HSR18, 28HSR43, 28HSR53, 28HSR57, 28HSR8, 3G14, 3G324, 3G326, 3G42, 3G534, 3G536, 3G576, 3G8, 3GDF576, 3GDF63, 3GDQF536, 3GDQF576, 3GDW576, 3GDW63, 3GF14, 3GF43, 3GF576, 3GF8, 3GPF576, 3GPF63, 3GPQF536, 3GPQF576, 3GPW576, 3GPW63, 3GTQF536, 3GTQF576, 3H14, 3H22, 3H32, 3H53, 3H8, 3HA32, 3HA53, 3HA57, 3HB32, 3HB53, 3HB57, 3HCK3261, 3HCK5361, 3HCK5761, 3HDF5761, 3HDK3261, 3HDK5361, 3HDK5761, 3HDW5761, 3HM53R, 3HM572R, 3HPF576, 3HPK3261, 3HPK5361, 3HPK5761, 3HPW576, 3HR32, 3HR53, 3HR57, 3H

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