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2355 West Chandler Blvd.
Arizona, USA

  Microchip Technology Inc., Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, USA, is known as a leader in microcontrollers and analog semiconductors.   ... read on

In 2015, Microchip also acquired Discera's former MEMS division of MICREL, an impressive portfolio of exclusively licensed patents, and outstanding expertise, confirming its own expectation to technology leadership in MEMS oscillators. Utilizing the so-called Ultra Miniature PureSilicon™ resonator technology, MICROCHIP produces a wide range of oscillator solutions that redefines the standard for oscillators in terms of size, power and cost for commercial and industrial applications as well as applications in the field of communication technology. Due to a novel programming technology, short delivery times can be offered both for prototypes and for serial quantities.

Microchip supplies: MEMS Oscillators (Standard CMOS Oscillators, LVPECL/LVDS/HCSL Oscillators, Multi-Frequency Output Oscillators, I²C/SPI Oscillators, High-Temperature/High-Precision Oscillators, Programmable Oscillators, PIN-Configurable Oscillators)

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DSA1001/DSA1003/DSA1004, DSA1101/DSA1121/DSA1105/DSA1125, DSA2311, DSC1001/DSC1003/DSC1004, DSC1101/DSC1121, DSC1102/DSC1122, DSC1103/DSC1123, DSC1104/DSC1124, DSC1105/DSC1125, DSC2311, DSC60XX, DSC61XX, DSC63XX, MX55, MX57

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