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1703 E. Highway 50
SD 57078, USA

  US manufacturer M-TRON INDUSTRIES INC. was founded in 1965 in Yankton, South Dakota USA, and since 1976 has been a subsidiary of listed US firm, LYNCH Corporation.   ... read on

In the 1960s, production was started for crystal units for the US military - and, even today, the company produces MIL-certified crystals at its Yankton site, although the product range today is primarily geared to the high demands of the telecommunications industry (LAN/WAN, Bluetooth, PBX, etc.). Its high-quality products are also recommended for applications in the aviation and space travel industries, in technical medicine and in measurement and control engineering. In October 2004, M-TRON announced the take-over of its competitor, PTI Piezo Technology, Inc. based in Orlando, Florida, USA. PTI has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality oscillators and quartz filters for more than 30 years, and its product range will complement the existing M-TRON portfolio. The company is now trading under the name of MtronPTI. MtronPTI offers a wide range of precision frequency and spectrum control solutions including RF, microwave and millimeter wave filters; cavity, crystal, ceramic, lumped element (LC) and switched filters; high performance and high frequency OCXOs, integrated PLL OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, low jitter and harsh environment oscillators and clocks; crystal resonators, Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMA) and state-of-the-art solid state power amplifier products. MtronPTI is a publicly traded company (NYSE:MPTI).

MtronPTI supplies: Crystals, Crystal Filters, Crystal Oscillators (XO, VCXO, TCXO, VC-TCXO, VCO, OCXO), Frequency-Modules, LC Filters, SAW Filters, Ceramic Filters, Bandpass Filters, Lowpass Filters, Highpass Filters, Bandstop Filters, Diplexer, Multiplexer

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ATS-49, ATSM-49-R, HC-48U, HC-49U, HC-49U/N, HC-50U, HC-51U, M1252, M1253, M1325, M1532, MMCC-2, MP-1, PM, PP, SX1555-R, UM-1, UM-1/G, UM-5, UM-5/G

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HPO, M1, M2, M2030, M2031, M2032, M2033, M2034, M2035, M2036, M2052, M2060 L, M2060 P, M2061 L, M2061 P, M2075 L, M2075 P, M2076 L, M2076 P, M2100 L, M2100 P, M2101 L, M2101 P, M2102 L, M2102 P, M2180, M21X, M2200 L, M2200 P, M2201 L, M2201 P, M2202 L, M2202 P, M2250, M2500, M2501, M2502, M2510, M2511, M2512, M2532, M2700, M2701, M3027, M3028 L, M3028 P, M3100 L, M3100 P, M3101 L, M3101 P, M3102 L, M3102 P, M31x, M3200 C, M3200 L, M3200 P, M3201 C, M3201 L, M3201 P, M3202 C, M3202 L, M3202 P, M3H, M4005, M4006, M4007, M5L, M5R LVDS, M5R LVPECL, M5RJ LVDS, M5RJ LVPECL, M6029, M6030, M6049, M6050, M6053, M6054, M6055, M6056, M6064, M6065, M6160 C, M6160 S, M6160 TC, M6160 TS, M6161 C, M6161 S, M6161 TC, M6161 TS, M6162 C, M6162 S, M6162 TC, M6162 TS, M6170 C, M6170 S, M6170 TC, M6170 TS, M6171 C, M6171 S, M6171 TC, M6171 TS, M6172 C, M6172 S, M6172 TC, M6172 TS, M6300 C, M6300 L, M6300 P, M6300 TC, M6300 TL, M6300 TP, M6301 C, M6301 L, M6301 P, M6301 TC, M6301 TL, M6301 TP, M6302 C, M6302 L, M6302 P, M6302 TC,

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