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Okaya Electric Industries Co., Ltd

6-16-9-Todoroki, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo 158-8543

  OKAYA Electric Industries Co., Ltd. was founded 1939 in Tokyo Japan where the Head Office is still located. 1500 employees are working at five production sites, three located in Japan, one in China and Sri Lanka. Engineering sites are located in Nagano for Film Capacitors, Noise Filters, LED and Sensor Products. The Saitama facility is producing Gas Discharge Tubes, Surge Protective Devices (SPD´s) and Avalanche Breakdown Diodes. OKAYA is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.

Okaya supplies: Film Capacitors (Noise Suppression Capacitors, Spark Quencher, Snubber Capacitors, Capacitors for PFC Circuit), EMI/RFI Power Line Noise Filters, Common Mode Choke Coil, Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT´s), Surge Protective Devices (SPD´s), Avalanche Breakdown Diodes, LED products (High Power LED, Bo-Jo LED, LED Displays) and Sensor Products (Infrared LED, High Power Infrared LED, Transmissive Photo Interrupter, Photo Reflector).