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Plastic Capacitors, Inc.

1100 South Plumer Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719

  Plastic Capacitors, Inc was incorporated 1952 in the State of Illinois 1952. Its history has included a steady record of expansion, research and product reliability. Employing about 100 people, it is classified as a "Small Business" by U.S. Government definitions. Due to its manageable size, it is usually more responsive to special customer requirements than large firms might be. P.C.I. product lines are a combination of off-the-shelf and special High Voltage products. About half of sales are represented by custom designed items that are not contained in the Web Site. Capacitors for 250KV RMS 60MHz powerline use or high frequency AC, power supplies for X-ray CAT scanners, lasers and electrostatic coating; are examples of commonplace production at P.C.I. For many years, the headquarters for Plastic Capacitors, Inc. was located on the northwest side of Chicago. In 2014, P.C.I. was purchased by Electro Technik Industries, Inc. and moved into the Tucson, Arizona facility with its sister company Arizona Capacitors, Inc.

Plastic Capacitors supplies: High Voltage Foil Capacitors for defense, industrial and commercial applications, discharge capacitors, capacitor banks for Pulse-Forming Networks, AC to high voltage DC power packs, special power supplies, high voltage transformers for power packs, corona caps and corona spheres.