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QANTEK Technology Corporation

18495 South Dixie HWY, Suite 338
Palmetto Bay
FL 33157, USA

  QANTEK Technology Corporation was established 2005, with the vision of becoming a global manufacturer of time and frequency management components. QANTEK provides a broad portfolio of high quality products at competitive pricing.   ... read on

The comprehensive product range both in through-hole and surface mount include crystals, resonators, clock oscillators, VCXOs and TCXOs. QANTEK supplies its products under ISO 9001 as well as TS 16949 qualification.

QANTEK supplies: Crystals, Resonators, Crystal Oscillators (XO, VCXO, TCXO, VC-TCXO), Automotive Components qualified to TS16949 and AEC-Q200

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QC10CA, QC10CB, QC16, QC20, QC25, QC25 Auto, QC32, QC32 Auto, QC32GA, QC3CA, QC4, QC4A, QC5A, QC5A Auto, QC5B, QC5B Auto, QC5CA, QC5CB, QC5GB, QC6A, QC6A Auto, QC6B, QC6B Auto, QC6CA, QC6CB, QC6GB, QC7A, QC7A Auto, QC7B, QC7CA, QC7CB, QCL, QCM26, QCP9, QCS, QCS-H3, QTC2, QTC3, QTC4, QTM26S, QTM26T, QTM38T, QTP7, QTP8, QTP9

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QL5, QL7, QP5, QP7, QX1, QX1 A, QX14, QX2, QX2 A, QX3, QX3 A, QX5, QX5 A, QX7, QX7 A, QX8

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