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  SUSUMU was founded 1964 in Kyoto, Japan, dedicated to engineering and producing the highest quality thin film products in the market. Japanese word „SUSUMU“ means progress or leader which is one of the highest company principles. Over the years SUSUMU has developed to become the world leader with its products, market share and technology wise. SUSUMU is producing highest quality and ultra-stable thin film products, including precision and low ohm resistors and resistor networks, surface mount inductors as well as high frequency surface mount components as precision chip and thermo variable chip attenuators, terminations and splitters. SUSUMU is having several subsidiaries in Asia, USA and Germany, production sites in Japan and China. Other companies belonging to SUSUMU group are Japanese YDS Yokohama Denshi Seiko Company Ltd. and Cyntec Co., Ltd in China. Being ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified SUSUMU is highly dedicated to supplying environmentally friendly and sustainable products to the world.

Susumu supplies: Thin film surface mount chip resistors (precision, ultra-precision, ultra-stable, audio, non-magnetic, anti-surge, high power, high temperature, trimmable), metal thin film chip resistor networks, high temperature chip resistor networks, radial leaded precision resistors, current sensing low ohm chip resistors (short-side, long-side and kelvin termination), high current jumpers, power choke coils (shielded, semi-shielded), high frequency surface mount components (terminations, attenuators, thermo-variable, splitters, high power)