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28 Rue Robert Keller
ZAC les Champs Blancs
35510 Cesson-Sévigné

  The French timing specialist SYRLINKS, with its headquarter in Cesson-Sévigné in the region of Bretagne, is specialized in compact and highly reliable high-end components with low power consumption. Their components are used in the fields of radio communication as well as radio navigation and geolocation and are designed for the most extreme conditions. Since the end of the 1980s, SYRLINKS has been developing high-precision, extremely reliable and power-saving OCXOs, which are used in systems designed and manufactured by SYRLINKS for applications in space, deep sea, defense and security. Due to their excellent properties, however, they are suitable for many other applications where power consumption is particularly critical, and reliability is essential.

Syrlinks supplies: Crystal oscillators (OCXO)