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TY-OHM Electronic Works Co.,Ltd.

No. 49, Dingfu 1st St.
Gueishan Township
Taoyuan County 333
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  Since TY-OHM was established in 1958 the Taiwanese manufacturer has developed and produced a wide range of resistors. For years TY-OHM is preferred supplier of well-known worldwide customers. Being Sony Green Partner since 2010, the manufacturer is also certified by ISO 9001 standard. Production facilities in Taiwan and China with more than 600 employees, assure high quality products at very competitive pricing and short lead-times.

TY-OHM supplies: Wirewound Resistors, Ceramic Housed Resistors, SMT Wirewound Resistors, SMT Thinfilm Resistors, SMT Precision Resistors, SMT Shunt Resistors, High Voltage Resistors, Metal Oxyde Resistors, Metal Film Resistors