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Viking Tech Corporation

No. 70, Kuan Fu N. Road
HsinChu Industrial Park
Taiwan 303 (R.O.C.)

  The Taiwanese manufacturing company VIKING Tech Corporation was only founded in 1997. Since then VIKING has specialised in thin film and thick film technology, inductors, resistor products in the low voltage area for current measurement, as well as ultra precision components. Special emphasis is placed on service, product quality, short delivery times and comprehensive technical support. VIKING is constantly striving to exceed the standard market range of products usually on offer in the areas of miniaturisation, precision, the low voltage area and inductors. Certification to TS 16949 ensures that various products are now available in accordance with AEC-Q200.

Viking supplies: SMT Thickfilm Resistors, SMT Thinfilm Resistors, SMT Precision Resitors, SMT Shunt Resistors, Metal Band Low Ohm Resistors, SMT MLCC Capacitors, Melf/Minimelf/Micromelf Resistors, Wirewound Resistors, Metal Oxyde Resistors, Metal Film Resistors, Magnetic Components, Anti Sulfur Resistors, Passivated Resistors